New video camera!

So for like my birthday for the next couple of year (haha) my dad bought me a really nice camera!! From going from a camcorder to a professional camera is a huge step for me. I will get to do so much more!
And recently I have had opportunities to do videos for my high school and will probably do a promo video for my middle school for open houses. I can’t believe it!
This summer I was at a video camp at the Minnesota Science Museum. It taught me camera angles, why you choose certain shots, how to create a script, and more about video editing programs. I was pretty sad when I had signed up for a college camp with really nice equipment but it was cancelled. But, my grandma had a good point and this is what I got out of it. When God closes a door, he wants me to turn to him and he will do more than I’ve ever dreamed. Thank you Lord! You have helped me so much through my ups and downs. And thank you loyal subscribers! 🙂 I will update much more! Thanks!


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