Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. 😦 I have been busy and forgot to blog…but here I am again!!! I am going to make a review for Avid Studio that my dad gave me for Christmas. So! HERE WE GO!

I received Avid Studio for Christmas ( like I said before) and I love it! I wanted a better program to do my lyric videos for YouTube (if you want to find my YouTube Channel, go to the bottom of my blog page at the black section) and other videos that my old school asks me to do and for fun.

First, my dad bought it from eBay and it didn’t work because we think it was already for a different computer and it said no resale, so he bought the download on the cite. He uploaded it to our other computer, so it could run. If you don’t know my personal computer is a Vista computer with like no room left on it hard drive. It took a long time to upload, but it was worth the time and money! Now I am going to show you the pros and cons of Studio.


  • A very neat library that you can sort your media by Stars, names, folders, and bigger categories
  • There is a numerous amount of effects and transitions
  • The sound effects to songs is very nice if your song has poor quality
  • Responds very quickly
  • Never ending spots for layering on your timeline
  • Free music that is really nice without words in the songs for effects on videos
  • Easy titles to work with.
  • The Montage was interesting and pretty nifty (hehe I love that word)
  • All together, it is a pretty good program for someone who wants to step up their game, but not go all out with Sony Vegas or some other program like that.


  • Doesn’t allow videos from YouTube or Real have to convert them to Ipod or something like that to work (which isn’t good quality)
  • Didn’t connect to YouTube when I used the button for it and my internet was working
  • Sometimes it slows down
  • You can’t zoom in the timeline
  • I had a hard time trying to make clips shorter

Starts: 4 1/2

It is a very well played out program 🙂 Please vote on the poll for feedback of what you think of it.


About creativetechiness

Hey!! Like my name says I like doing creative things with technology :) This blog will have pictures, videos, and more...if you want me to do a pic or video of something just comment :D Hope y'all like it!! God Bless!

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  1. Hi creativetechiness, you used to write fantastic posts, but the last few posts have been kinda lackluster… I miss your super writing. Past few posts are just a little out of track!

  2. Many thanks for the art, it is interesting and compelling. I have found my way here through Google, I am going to return one more time 🙂

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