I wanted to make a review of Skullcandy Ink’d earphones.

31/2 stars


1) Great Sound- I love the overall sound of the music that plays through the speaker

2) I love the noise control! I can’t hear the busyness around me.

3) 3 sizes of earpieces-the earphones can fit young teens to adults!

4) There is a lifetime warranty.

5) many different colors



1) If you touch the cord it makes noises in the speakers.

2) If you play music too loud over about a month it will break-that is what happened to me. My first pair lasted me about 3 months, my latest ones lasted me about a month.

3)It might break too if you twist the connecter when it is plugged into your iPod. That is partially why they broke too I think.

It is overall a good pair of cheap earphones. But. they break to easily, if you like playing music loud-don’t buy them!



About creativetechiness

Hey!! Like my name says I like doing creative things with technology :) This blog will have pictures, videos, and more...if you want me to do a pic or video of something just comment :D Hope y'all like it!! God Bless!

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