Rating: 4 stars

This program has lots of pros and cons. I use this for my editing because I don’t have enough yet for the better kind. I really like using it most of the time. Here are the pros and cons.


  1. Easy but professional looking effects. They have a great selection of effects and templates.
  2. You can burn your videos onto DVDs and even Blu-ray Discs.
  3. It has a very interface.
  4. It has nice overlay track and video trimming.
  5. Easy to use!! 🙂


  1. For beginners it is a okay program. If you have never video edited before this will be a tough one to work. Try using the free Windows Movie Maker if you have a Windows computer before. Then buy it after you get used to the other one.
  2. It gets very slow on smaller or older computers. I have an older Vista computer that my dad upgraded to a Windows 7. It works so slowly, but sometimes it works faster. Every time I try to use the burn program that comes with it my computer goes as slow as a snail or freezes completely. So don’t buy if you have a slow computer!!
  3. The uploading to YouTube button doesn’t work for me because it says that there is an error. So for you the button might or might not work.

All in all, it is a pretty good program 🙂


About creativetechiness

Hey!! Like my name says I like doing creative things with technology :) This blog will have pictures, videos, and more...if you want me to do a pic or video of something just comment :D Hope y'all like it!! God Bless!

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